Late work and student hours

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Wednesday June 28, 2023 at 12:55 PM

Hi everyone!

I’ve gotten a few questions about late work. As explained in the syllabus, there is a slight penalty for late work, but that’s really just to be a commitment device (an econ principle!) to help you stay on schedule.

You can turn problem sets in at iCollege any time. The weekly check-in quizzes close automatically a day after the deadline, but I can reopen those as needed—just let me know through e-mail or Slack or wherever.

Also, remember from the syllabus that I have really open student hours. If you want to meet with me for help or for whatever reason, sign up for a time at my Calendly page. You can also access that link at the home page of the course website and at the top of the syllabus page. Feel free to do so!